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Milpark Business School

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Milpark Business School

As more and more organisations need to be competitive in internal markets and the global economy, these economic changes impact on the content and context within which management education takes place.

Milpark Education (Pty) Ltd was established in 1997 as the Milpark Business School, one of the first private providers of higher education in management in South Africa. In 2007, Milpark registered as an independent private higher education provider, and in 2013, changed its name to Milpark Education (Pty) Ltd. All Milpark Education’s qualifications are accredited and registered as is required by the appropriate authorities, and the Milpark legacy continues.

Since 2008, Milpark has offered a wide range of programmes targeted at meeting the needs of students in business in South Africa. In addition to management education, Milpark also offers a wide range of qualifications in financial planning and insurance, and banking and investment. As a result, Milpark is a leading niche provider of qualifications to many sectors, able to offer an articulation path from FET through to the highly valued MBA degree.

Milpark Education comprises academic schools streamlined to provide the best experience to our varied student body within each school’s area of specialisation. The school structure means that Milpark is able to enhance and expand its academic offering to ensure that all our qualifications remain current and relevant to industry and students.

The Milpark MBA is delivered by specialised faculty, comprising academics, practitioners and industry experts who assess global trends and apply these with local relevance to ensure that you are trained to ‘think globally and act locally’ within your organisation. The Milpark Business School has consistently been rated in the Top 10 of Accredited Business Schools in South Africa since 2009, and as the Number One Private Provider of the MBA degree in 2012 and 2013.

Milpark Education Vision
Empowering Africa through Business Education.

Milpark Education Mission
Milpark pursues best practice in education in order to provide value for its stakeholders through:

  • Responsive and flexible learning solutions
  • Relevant and quality tuition
  • Service and support excellence
  • Dynamic partnerships with industry

Milpark Education is committed to providing high levels of service by ensuring that the students are at the core of all our activities.

Market Accolades
Many of South Africa’s premier organisations and prominent multi-national corporations sponsor their employees’ studies at Milpark Education. Some students on the programme are entrepreneurs or professionals (lawyers, doctors, pharmacists) who wish to further their management studies in order to improve knowledge and boost their personal and business performance. Surveys show that the three most important reasons for electing to register for the Milpark Education MBA Programme are:

  • The quality and standard of its curriculum and course content;
  • The degree of global and local focus; and
  • Highly rated lecturers with industry experience.


Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
The current drive to expand the South African economy as well as current global developments require the development of people with general business management skills who can be accommodated in any economic sector.

The BCom degree with a general major provides a strong foundation in general business principles and the required accounting, marketing, economic and quantitative skills. As an alternative to a general commerce major, Milpark students can choose from six areas of specialisation, namely Financial Planning, Banking, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Investment Management and Credit. Click here for further information.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
The BBA is designed to offer a well-balanced exposure to the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to operate effectively in a general management environment or as a foundation for postgraduate studies in Business Administration or related areas. In order to set a broad foundation for a conceptual and functional understanding of management issues, this qualification adopts three majors, namely, Business Management, Marketing and Human Resources Management. These three areas are developed over the three levels (years) in a carefully integrated manner that reinforces lateral learning to achieve the set outcomes of the qualification. In addition to the major streams, students are exposed to subjects such as Risk Management, Project Management, Financial Management and Leadership Development, selected to align the qualification to the demands to the contemporary business organisation. The BBA is an NQF level 6 qualification. Click here for further information.

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is designed to perform two functions: to cap a Bachelor degree with skills and knowledge required to operate at a more senior level in business, and to provide an academic bridge to further study at Master’s level.

The curriculum and design of the programme ensure that this qualification equips present and future business leaders for successful careers in the South African economy. This is a (new) NQF level 8 qualification. Click here for further information.


Milpark Education acknowledges the fact that business today is dynamic with its associated challenges. Short learning programmes provide the opportunity for businesses to remain on course for success. With its customer-centric approach, Milpark utilises its infrastructure to develop short learning context specific interventions, which provide practical innovative tuition. Learning programmes are conceptualised, developed, and delivered by expert facilitators, comprising leading academics, practitioners and appropriate real-world industry experts.

All programmes are open to the public and may be personalised for corporate in-house training.

Executive Education
The available programmes for 2014 focus on the following topics: Corporate Citizenship, Business Expertise, Leadership Development and Project Management. Click here for further information.

Short Courses
Milpark can offer either standardised or customised short learning programmes over three to five days or three months on a part-time basis. Many of the modules on our full qualifications in the Schools of Investment and Banking, Commerce, and Financial Planning and Insurance are also available as short courses subject to certain conditions.

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