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Rajesh Setty

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Rajesh Setty
Rajesh’s mission in life is to bring good ideas to life. With love!

Rajesh is involved in a few companies in some combination as a founder, operating executive, board member and/or an investor. Apart from that, he has written a few books and is working on a number of them. His first book was published at the age of thirteen. While he is not building companies or writing, he enjoys speaking at conferences and company events.

You can read his latest thoughts on his blog Life Beyond Code or on Twitter at UpbeatNow. If you are really curious to know the events that shaped his thinking, you can read his story so far here.

Rajesh lives in the Silicon Valley with his wife Kavitha and son Sumukh.

Entrepreneur. Rajesh has been involved in building companies since 1993. Rajesh believes that building entrepreneurs is equally or more important than building companies.
You can see his portfolio here.
Author. Rajesh got his first book published when he was thirteen and had six books published before sixteen. That was mostly fiction. Today his writing is focused on business and management. His latest books are here.
Speaker. Rajesh is a frequent speaker at conferences and companies on variety of topics. To book him for a speaking engagement, please click here.

Investor. Rajesh has invested in companies in India, Europe and Silicon Valley. His investments are based mostly on "who" is involved in the business rather than "what" they are doing.
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