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Innovation Excellence

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Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence is the online home of the global innovation community, building upon a rapidly-growing network with thousands of members from over 150 countries – thought leaders, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia. Our mission is to provide a forum for connection and conversation across this community – assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence.

Our community currently generates over 425,000 unique visits and requests more than 1 million pages every month.

Our Founders

Our founders are two of the world’s leading innovation experts:

Rowan Gibson

  • One of the world’s foremost thought leaders on enterprise innovation
  • Internationally bestselling author of Innovation to the core and Rethinking the future - published in 25 languages
  • Top keynote speaker and executive educator (engagements in 51 countries over the last 4 years)
  • Global innovation and strategy consultant to the Fortune 500
  • Prolific writer – numerous articles, columns and blogs which have been read all around the world
  • Media personality (e.g. Forbes, CNN, BBC, BusinessWeek, HBR

Braden Kelley

  • Founder of Blogging Innovation – the fastest growing innovation portal on the web (70% YOY growth)
  • Sought-after public speaker internationally
  • Respected thought leader on innovation (author of Stoking your innovation bonfire, and contributing author - A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing)
  • Popular innovation blogger and LinkedIn community moderator
  • Innovation advisor to major companies on several continents
  • Prolific writer and well-known online media personality

World-Class Contributors

Innovation Excellence brings together the best of the best. The site features regular contributions from some of the brightest minds in the field of enterprise innovation, including:

Tom Peters, Kevin Roberts, Stephen Shapiro, Henry Chesbrough, Robert Tucker, Rowan Gibson, Braden Kelley, Hutch Carpenter, Mitch Ditkoff, Holly Green, Andrea Meyer, Paul Sloane, Jeffrey Phillips, Drew Boyd, Robert Brands, Mike Myatt, Steve McKee, Matthew E May, Julie Anixter and others

The Innovation Excellence team also includes Julie Anixter and other leading professionals who are indispensable to the leadership and daily operation of the site.

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