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The Dealmaker Company

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Postal Address: 2nd Floor, Kagiso Trust Building, 27 Scott Street, Waverley.
The Dealmaker Company
The Dealmaker Company is the Business School of Dealmaking. Using strategic sales, negotiation and consulting knowledge and processes, we develop world-class dealmakers.

Based in Mauritius, the company is globally represented through a Distributor network. Each carefully chosen Distributor has an excellent track record in the field of business negotiation or sales consulting, or human capital development.

To ensure consistent quality, strict controls and standards have been put in place to guarantee that all The Dealmaker Company programmes are synonymous with exceptional content and delivery. This enables our business partners, programme graduates and customers to be proud of their association with The Dealmaker Company. They are, after all, part of an exclusive community of business professionals.

The Dealmaker Company courses took six years to develop and a further two years to trial. In the five years since the trials were completed, The Dealmaker Company has built a base of over 200 blue chip customers and thousands of graduates across the world.

The programmes represent the very latest thinking on the subjects of dealmaking, negotiating and closing deals. Only now are Business Schools starting to recognise dealmaking as a distinct subject. The Dealmaker Company has been developing this concept for nearly 15 years.

The vision of The Dealmaker Company is to grow the organisation by helping customer companies and individuals to close their business deals quickly and profitably, thus increasing revenues and improving profitability. Through our network of specialist Distributors, The Dealmaker Company intends to become the global leader in enabling organisations to significantly improve financial performance and business results.
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