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Why YOU should read SUCCEED
Succeed Magazine is the South African entrepreneurship and management magazine. With 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship and the local business market, this is the magazine for you if you own your own business or are thinking of starting one.

Succeed is the only magazine to bring you a monthly portfolio of business opportunities that showcases franchises, vending and direct selling. Also Succeed brings the experts to you with articles on:

  • Management
  • Marketing your business
  • Cash-flow
  • Hiring and firing
  • Finding finance
  • Strategy
  • And much more

All Leader.co.za visitors will receive a saving of R83 on a one year subscription to Succeed valued at R175. Visitors will also receive access to digital editions of Succeed Magazine plus exclusive access to our electronic archives of over 1 200 business articles on www.succeed.co.za. Save on the cover price and have the magazine delivered to your postbox, for only R114 including VAT.

Simply click on the Succeed logo to subscribe.

Succeed is a well-established independent business magazine, which places a high premium on top quality information and journalism. It is the only magazine with a meaningful penetration not only into the difficult to reach SME sector, but also the corporate market. 

With Succeed magazine you reach the management of corporates and the owners of medium and small companies. The SME sector is the fastest growing and most lucrative business sector in South Africa as well as in the world, one that no business can afford to ignore.

Succeed is the largest entrepreneurial and management magazine in South Africa. Succeed is distributed nationally and in adjacent countries, with an estimated readership of over 200 000.

  • Print run: 30 000 copies monthly
  • Total audited distribution (ABC) of 20 441
  • 8 957 sold copies
  • Copies are sent directly on request, to respected and established business associations and other carefully selected business organisations and training institutions.
  • Copies are posted directly to a VIP list consist of influential leaders in business, government and diplomatic missions
  • Subscribers total at 6121 and growing
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