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ReConnect Africa

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ReConnect Africa

Identifying and attracting talent is not an easy proposition for many businesses today. Finding and keeping talent in Africa where infrastructure, technology and financial resources can be limited brings a unique set of challenges.

ReConnect Africa provides accessible and relevant information and guidance for those who recruit, manage and develop African human resources and for those seeking opportunities in employment and business in Africa.

Our objectives at ReConnect Africa are:

  • To Create Positive Awareness of Africa’s Potential by presenting representative and balanced images of the continent today and highlighting progress in the development of Africa’s skills base and human resources.
  • To profile African Companies and companies operating in Africa through success stories from those who have invested in Africa and providing a platform for large and small business to market their employer brands to potential recruits.
  • To Present Career Opportunities in Africa to Africans on the continent and living in the diaspora. To highlight the successes of people who have successfully made the return to Africa and to encourage the mobility of African talent into and around the continent by providing advice and signposting employment and career opportunities.
  • To highlight Human Resources Management practices and the wider management of human capital that facilitates the attraction and retention of African talent.
  • To support Business Development through increasing awareness of business conditions and investment opportunities around the continent.
  • To promote the development of Training, Skills and Learning by highlighting the skills needed by employers and training needed to bridge the gap between education and employability and information on training programmes, seminars and skills initiatives around Africa.
  • To provide a marketplace for products and services for Africa and African professionals

Who does ReConnect Africa Reach?

  • ReConnect Africa reaches employers, professionals, graduates and job seekers within Africa and across the world. Our mailing list includes representatives from private and public sector organisations, recruitment executives, business owners and managers as well as diplomatic missions and non-governmental organisations within and outside Africa.
  • ReConnect Africa is linked to a number of pan-African and international online communities, providing a global audience across a wide range of industries and sectors.
  • ReConnect Africa has reciprocal and placement links with other online websites that highlight job and career opportunities in Africa, further increasing its reach and readership.

Packed with articles, interviews, features and up-to-date news from Africa and around the world, ReConnect Africa offers a one-stop shop for anyone interested in working or doing business in Africa.

About Us
ReConnect Africa is a publication of Interims for Development, an award-winning Human Resources and Training company providing innovative people solutions for companies operating in Africa through a range of consultancy and training solutions designed to build management, leadership and professional skills and to enhance good governance.

The company provides professional Interim Managers for short-term technical, project and training support within Africa. It also provides Career Management and Employment Training and Coaching services to facilitate professional employment opportunities for people of African and minority ethnic descent in the UK.

Interims for Development has won several awards in recognition of the quality and innovation of its programmes.

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About Us