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Latest Features
05 NOVEMBER 2016

How South African are you?

It takes leaving South Africa to realise just how South African you are.
30 APRIL 2016

7 South African business leaders taking the UK by storm

These seven exceptional South Africans deserve recognition for the fantastic work they are doing in the UK and as representatives of South Africa.
31 JANUARY 2016

How does one explain South Africa?

Trying to explain SA in a global context is tricky, so much of what is going down in SA is not good, and the world is not a very happy place either.
13 MARCH 2015

Why I’m moving back to South Africa

Award-winning journalist Jonny Steinberg on the man who inspired him to write his new book, 'A Man of Good Hope', as well as return to his home country.
20 AUGUST 2014

South Africa: The question of Race

Is the "race question" in South Africa just a black/white thing? When someone is accused of "playing the race card" are they contrasting blacks and whites only? Is someone who is accused of being "racist" always white?
01 MAY 2014

20 questions to ask yourself before voting

Whether we are voting in national, provincial or local elections, we should ensure that the political parties for which we vote respect the signposts of democracy and the provisions of the constitution.
28 AUGUST 2013

Faith that moves mountains....

Recently The Daily Maverick ran a story about a white Christian family who have decided to forgo their comfortable middle class Midrand home in favour of a flat in the heart of one of the most fearsome areas of our country - Hillbrow.
01 AUGUST 2013

SA's Global Rankings: Why are we going from bad to worse?

Recently, for the last three years that is, perceptions of SA have deteriorated, mostly because of bad television coverage; muddled government thinking; mistrust between the social partners and confused political leadership.
26 JUNE 2013

I love South Africa

Not all people in this country are bad! On the contrary, most people in SA are good and love this country. Just because there are a few bad apples does not mean the whole orchard is rotten.
28 MAY 2013

The words we use may well break our bones

We can give South Africa credit for successes or wallow in negativity.

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