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29 NOVEMBER 2012

Coaching in organisations

While it is not a silver bullet, coaching can be a powerful tool for change in organisations. As with all tools, it needs to be used correctly.
13 JANUARY 2012

Coaching in the workplace in South Africa

The results of a national survey that Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) conducted of coaching in the workplace in South Africa have now been published – the first ever conducted of the South African market.
04 APRIL 2011

The development of corporate management

How do corporate leaders develop the competences they need? And how should they be supported in their development?
17 AUGUST 2008

The role of coaching in Leadership Development

For many in leadership roles the world has become more complex given the level of uncertainty. It is not only lonely on the top, it is also scary.
28 JUNE 2008

How does coaching work – From a client perspective

How useful would it be for coaches if we knew what clients wanted and what works for them.
16 JUNE 2008

How to choose a coach training school

Choosing a coach training school falls into the same category as deciding on your next cell phone when renewing your contract. Many choices, each with hundreds of options and the process can be quite confusing.
26 MARCH 2008

Assessing the effectiveness of coaching

A lot has been said and even more written about how organisations can measure the effectiveness of coaching.
18 FEBRUARY 2008

Sherpa coaching survey results

The annual Sherpa Coaching survey results for 2008 recently became available.
02 OCTOBER 2007

Business coaching in South Africa

Business coaching, like much else in South Africa, was isolated from mainstream professional development due to international restrictions during the years of apartheid.

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