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Latest Features
15 FEBRUARY 2012

Beyond talent management: Facts, myths and implications

From Enron to the more recent banking crises, talent management has conspicuously failed to deliver. Is it time for a new way to release talent?
10 NOVEMBER 2011

Giving customers what they want

When large numbers of customers visiting your website leave before getting a quote, something is clearly wrong. But, what can you do? Julian Birkinshaw reports on an innovative response.
13 OCTOBER 2011

How to build a company from the ground up

The recruitment agency, Twenty, is built on values and a unique culture. Julian Birkinshaw reports on the creation and delivery of a new management model.

How to achieve a powerful position at work

Thirty years of research and teaching on power in organisations are the foundation for a new book. Gary Hamel talks with the author of the book, Jeffrey Pfeffer, to garner his advice on achieving a powerful position at work.
16 JULY 2011

Dumping the dreaded performance review

Joris Luijke and others at Atlassian weren’t satisfied with the traditional approach to employee performance reviews. So they stopped doing them. What they did instead is making history and winning widespread recognition.
14 MAY 2011

How to get fully engaged employees

Many firms express the desire to have every employee ‘engaged’ in its mission and vision. Yet, as executives often concede, getting every employee fully engaged is a major challenge.
15 APRIL 2011

Getting the right people on the right projects

How do you get the right people on the right projects? This is a perennial concern for anyone running a large consultancy, an IT services company or, indeed, any sort of project-based organisation.
15 APRIL 2011

Inventing Management 2.0

Have you ever met a 10-year-old who dreams of growing up to be a manager? Unlikely. Chances are, though, if you’re reading this post you are one - a manager, not a 10-year-old.
18 MARCH 2011

Shaking off the dead hand authority

There’s no need, says Jules Goddard, for command-and-control management in an age of enlightened workers propelled by information technology and the desire to manage themselves and the business at the same time.
12 FEBRUARY 2011

Lessons from a 160-year-old start-up

Can an old company learn new tricks? Deborah Mills-Scofield found that, with the right kind of management, it can be as vital and entrepreneurial as a new company just entering the marketplace.

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