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10 OCTOBER 2020

5 ways to build a robust operations strategy

The underlying principles of operational resilience.
03 DECEMBER 2018

Building trust while cutting costs

During a restructuring, rumours spread and fear takes hold. You can reduce the turmoil by finding ways to inform, empower, and inspire employees.
13 JUNE 2014

Appie Pema on how he built his R600 million business

Rather than internal perceptions of value and success, Appie Pema makes sure that his customers believe they’re getting good value from his company.
01 MAY 2014

Telkom chief prescribes the right medicine

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko, charged with reviving the fixed-line operator, says the patient has been stabilised, and although it is still in intensive care, "the patient won’t die".
29 AUGUST 2013

6 steps to achieving cost excellence

It isn't enough to slash costs through short-term measures such as squeezing suppliers, shuttering facilities, and reducing head count. What is required is a move away from endless rounds of cost reductions and toward true cost excellence.
18 APRIL 2013

What every successful leader knows about the chicken and egg

All businesses know that customer service based on value and quality are critical for survival. Good companies realise that to retain and win new business, quality is not enough.
18 MARCH 2013

Lady Gaga and the corporate differentiator

In the quest to stand out in the market place great companies are moving beyond differentiators to embrace the philosophy of lean leadership.
28 FEBRUARY 2013

The horse-burger debacle: Who should bear the brunt?

The recent scandal with Tesco's burgers has reignited a discussion about who, along the value chain, should bear the brunt of responsibility for a product.
29 NOVEMBER 2012

Woolies’ aggressive growth path

Woolworths aims to grow its market share in clothing and food aggressively. Stafford Thomas looks at how it plans to scale new heights.
16 NOVEMBER 2012

Peter Matlare – Leading business in turbulent times

Tiger Brands CEO Peter Matlare believes that while turbulent times are here to stay for the foreseeable future, those businesses that are able to be flexible, innovate and adapt to changing conditions will ultimately succeed.