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05 OCTOBER 2021

The promises and perils of Africa's digital revolution

Exponential digital advancement across Africa, spurred on by the COVID-19 crisis, is indeed a game changer. But its impact – the good and the bad – requires a more nuanced and intelligent analysis if we really are to build back better.
04 OCTOBER 2021

What’s the future of the office?

The choices employees and employers must make about the future of work could be among the most important they face.
31 AUGUST 2021

Getting to grips with the virtual economy

Many see the craze for NFTs as a passing fad, but it is just the tip of a new virtual economy. We venture into virtual reality to discover why business is booming for goods and services you can own or experience but never physically touch.
31 MAY 2021

The Boomer Economy

The science of ageing and extended life expectancies suggests that it is time for a radical rethink of ageing, retirement and the ripple effect of living longer and the impact this will have on businesses and industries.
03 MAY 2021

Has working from home made the office redundant?

Does 2021 herald the end of the physical office?
02 APRIL 2021

The future of healthcare

A new vaccine trial is just one of many exciting developments in the field of biotechnology.
25 FEBRUARY 2021

When will everything get back to normal? It won't

The changes the pandemic has wrought won’t all simply reverse once Covid is behind us. This phenomenon explains why.
01 FEBRUARY 2021

How Covid-19 has affected business schools

GIBS interim Dean, Dr Morris Mthombeni speaks to Bruce Whitfield on eNCA on how Covid-19 has affected business schools across the world and how GIBS has managed during these challenging times.
29 OCTOBER 2020

What will the world look like in 2030?

Big demographic, economic and technological changes are coming.
26 AUGUST 2020

Does disruption distress you?

A word that’s on everybody’s lips at the moment – apart from words like "pandemic", "Covid19" and "lockdown" – is the word "disruption".