01 MARCH 2016
Imagine a future of communication greatness

by Steve Yastrow: Author, speaker, consultant and founder of Yastrow & Company, a Chicago-based consulting firm.

Imagine if your company communicated really well. Imagine if there was freedom to communicate within your company, and everyone who thought of an idea had confidence that they would be able to communicate that idea to others, and that the others would understand and respond to the idea. An idea would live or die on its merit, not on the random chance that anyone happened to be paying attention.

Imagine if your company communicated so well that your customers really understood what you are all about. And, more importantly, your company communicated so well that each customer understood and believed in the positive impact your company has on him or her, personally.

Imagine if your company communicated so well that when unexpected situations arose, employees reflexively handled the situation as a group, communicating in real time, collaborating on the go, with highly effective flows of information traveling like lightning from where they are to where they need to go. Information exchanges and feedback loops were constantly informing each member of the team with the best knowledge possible.

And imagine that this highly-tuned, in-the-moment, collaborative communication was built on a foundation of shared experience, values, principles and goals. Since everyone in your company would share foundational perspectives, disagreements would be healthy and productive, providing the necessary friction and heat to forge new ideas. Your company's communication would actually be at its best when there is not consensus. In your company, great communication would be a crucible for insights.

Imagine if your company communicated so well that it could attract great talent. You would be so good at communicating your story that candidates clearly understood why your company is a great place to work. And there is one part of this story that job candidates would particularly appreciate: The part about your company's continuous flow of great communication. What a great place to work– a place that communicates well.

Most companies don't communicate well. Employees at all levels in a majority of companies tell me that their company's success is constrained by its communication challenges. It's a very common problem.

Imagine if your company didn't have that problem. Imagine if great communication was one of your company's strengths.

Great communication is an action. It is more than a concept. You can do great communication. Starting right now.

Source: Steve Yastrow has acquired a singular reputation among business decision makers as an outside partner who challenges organizations to take a fresh look at themselves from the inside out. He offers clear action steps to improve business performance through Brand Harmony and ideal customer relationships. Visit our web-site at: http://www.yastrow.com.

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